Meeting One Direction

Meeting One Direction is all about me and my best friend kayla finding One Direction on the side of the rode with there broke down tour bus. They ask us "Can yall give u a ride". So we start freaking out and we say "Of course". If you want to find out more just keep on reading ( Meeting One Direction ).


1. On The Way To The Concert

One day me and my best friend Neala got tickets to the one direction concert! It was 6:30 at night and the concert started at 7:00 so we thought we might leave a little early cause there's always long lines at concerts. So me and my friend Neala go get in my car and go. We are driving down the road and Neala says '' STOP " so i slam i say why the heck did you make me slam on the brakes!!! Because look strait ahead. Me and Neala look at each other and say " Is that ONE DIRECTION " omg. So i drive up to there bus and me and Neala get out and say " omg we know you hear this alot but were you biggest fans ever ". So Neala says " yeah i even got my home room covered in all of you posters pictures everything". So we all start giggling. They ask us can we give them a ride to there hotel right down the rode because there bus broke down so... me and Neala say " OF COURSE ". So we all get in the car and i was driving, Neala was in the passenger seat, Zayn by the door, then Liam, then, Harry, then Louis, and last by the door was Niall. That's Neala"s favorite well.. her crush lol. Zayn's my favorite he"s hot lol!! Finally we arrived at the hotel. We all got out the car and gave each other a hug but... when Zayn gave me a hug and Niall gave Neala a hug it felt like it meant something. So they went in side there hotel room and while they were walking in i saw a backstage ticket hanging out the back of zayn's back pocket and i seen one hanging out the back of Niall's back pocket too. Neala did you see that i just saw backstage tickets hanging out the back of Niall's and Zayn's back pocket. So me and Neala arrive to the concert in are front row seats and so One Direction starts singing there songs na na na. And then Zayn and Niall yell out at me and Neala what are yalls names. So i say Zerina and Neala says Neala of course. So they say come up here so we walk up there and they give us the backstage tickets and say see you when you get back there and then they just keep singing there songs na na na!!!

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