Hi, I'm Chantal White, umm, actually I am Lisa Simons but I am an undercover agent from the FBI. I am a undercover bodyguard for One Direction, But they don't know it. But what happend if I fall in love with one of them...... Just read!


1. My Life

Hi I am Chantal White..Umm actually I am Lisa Simons. I am an undercover One Direction bodyguard, but they don't know it. It isn't that when you're an bodyguard, you're strong, big, tall....

but you have to protect somebody. 


I was born in Londen, I was twelve when my dad died from cancer. My mom was really hard working so she can gives me and my 2 sister food, but when she was working the whole week, she can't take it anymore. She started with drugs, then with alchol, and then she doesn't have money to pay, so she was going in the prostitute. she died by raping. So on my 16 birthday I started with work. I have a boyfriend named Ty, and three cats.


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