Adopted by One Direction ( Niall Horan story )

Vanessa Leigh Carson is a 13 year old girl. she's been abused mentally,emotionally, and physically. She lives in an orphanage with 40 other kids. Shes not what people call "girly" Shes far from that she hates dress,skirts, and all the stuff you see on a girl. But what happens when One Direction decide to adopt her? Will she learn to trust them or run away? Read and find out more


1. chapter 1

Louis P.O.V.

"so you want the lads and I to adopt a child?" I asked "yes it'll raise up your publicity and you have to come more responsible" he said with a serious face. the lads and I were called in his office "how are we suppose to take care of a child if Liam still takes care of us" niall asks while eating his cheese burger. " you guys have to find a way to run along" Simon said chasing us out of his office." so lads what orphanage do you want to go to?" harry asked. "lets go to the nearest one I think its called "sunshine Days Orphanage" zayn says fixing his hair "okay what do u want to adopt a boy or girl" I asked I secretly hoping to get a girl. "GIRL!" they all shouted at the same time. "fine lets go"

Liams P.O.V.

I cant believe Simon wants us adopt a child. I mean yea it would be nice but why now? I still have to take care of these 4 idiots I wonder what she'll be like "it might be a fun experience to have" I thought to myself as we all hopped into the car. we headed to the orphanage    


A/N it was way longer but I changed this chapter the other chapters are going to be longer I promise........ what do you guys think so far, so please comment or fan please!!!!!! <3 bye and thanks

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