In Love With Harry Styles

Bella is a 17 year old girl. Bella and her best friend Eveline go to a One Direction concert and sits in the winning seat. Even though it wasn't the seat she was supposed so sit it, she goes up anyway. She was already in love with Harry Styles but will he love her back? Read to find out!


3. School Pt2


I'm sorry if this chapter is short because I have school.


Then he walked in...

Of course. He wasn't in my class but this was his class for next period. Brody Parker. Oh, even his name makes my heart flutter. He is the most popular boy in the school. Tanned skin, dreamy green eyes and brown soft hair. Every girl in the school wanted him. But he didn't like anyone here. Not even Stacey.

"Um, your in my seat," Brody said when he walked up to me.

" s-sorry," I stuttered getting off the chair.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Uh... Bella," I replied.

"Well Bella, I'll see you later," he said and sit down.

"Yea,"I said and walked off to my next class.


After School...

I quickly grabbed Eveline and we walked to my house. My house is two blocks away from school, so we could talk heaps about the tickets.

"So Bella! So me the tickets! What seat are we in? Are we next to each other?" Eveline is so excited about the tickets she is starting to ask heaps of questions.

"Um... sure here are the tickets," I said passing them to her," We are in seat B4 and B5, we are next to each other and before you ask... yes we are gonna be able to touch their hands!"

"Ahh!" She screamed.


Hope you like it! I will update when I get to 5 likes!


Abby xoxo


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