In Love With Harry Styles

Bella is a 17 year old girl. Bella and her best friend Eveline go to a One Direction concert and sits in the winning seat. Even though it wasn't the seat she was supposed so sit it, she goes up anyway. She was already in love with Harry Styles but will he love her back? Read to find out!


1. Tickets On The Street


"Bella! Get up! Time for school," my mum said.

I groaned and threw a pillow at her.


"Fine im up!" I said getting off my warm bed.

I pushed her out of my room and started to get dressed. I put on a  cream fluffy top, a pair of black high shorts and a pair of black studded high heels. I put on some light make up on my tan face and brushed my brown hair. My clothes looked very nice on my tan skin.

When i walked downstairs, my mum was fussing over my little brother Dominick. I quickly grabbed a apple, pack my school bag and ran out the door, saying "bye mum!"


My way to school was ever so boring. I plugged in my headphones and put on Kiss You by One Direction. Half way to school, I spotted colored paper on the road. I ran over there to check it out.

"I won't be something cool" I said, picking it up.

It was... OHMYGOSH!

It was two One Direction tickets!!!! And it was front row seats!

I can't wait to tell my best friend Eveline.



So did you like the first chapter? I'm sorry if it was short but the next chapter will be longer. Please read!


Abby xoxo!

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