The Next Generations

this is a story about one directions children. do they love being famous or do they hate it? will they take advantage of it or will they run away?


1. new members of the family

Darcy Styles(17): daughter of Harry and his wife Sabrina 

Eddie Styles(14): younger brother of Darcy

Carly Horan(17): daughter of Niall and his wife Melonie 

Carson Horan(4): younger sister of Carly 

Carter Horan(19): older brother of Carly and Carson

Lauren Tomlinson(19): Daughter of Louis and his wife Eleanor 

Haliegh Tomlinson(19): twin of Lauren

Lucas Tomlinson(21): older brother of Lauren and Haliegh 

Electra Malik(17): daughter of Zayn and his wife Perrie 

Harley Malik(6): younger brother of Electra 

Aiden Payne(18): son of Liam and his wife Danielle 

Levi Payne(16):Brother of Aiden 

Leslie Payne(17): sister of Aiden and Levi 


kids total: 13!

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