Falling in Love (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Angela and Harry were best friends since they were little. One day Angela had to leave England to move to California because her mum found a new job. She says goodbye to Harry. But will they meet again?


1. Leaving!

 ~2 years ago~

"Angela get back here" Harry says. "No" Angela says as she fills up here bucket with water. Angela was about to throw the water on Harry but she got interrupted by her mom. "Angela get over here!" Her mom says "What!" Angela says. "Were moving to California tomorrow" Her mom says excited. "What, no we can't!" Angela says. "I got a job there, so say your good-byes because were leaving tomorrow morning at 5 am." Angela's mom says as she is leaving. Angela walks back to Harry and starts crying. "H-Harry, I'm moving to California tomorrow." "You can't leave, I am going to miss you!" Harry says as hugging Angela. Angela goes home and starts packing. "This is going to be fun." Angela whispers to herself as she's packing. 

~ 3 years later~ Angela's POV

I just turned 18 yesterday and guess what my mom got me? A red Ferrari! I know my mom is the best. I was looking through some of my boxes I had at the back of my closet. I found a lot of pictures of me and Harry together when we were 15. I really miss him and to be honest I liked Harry more than a friend. I can still imagine his cute smile and even cuter dimples. Best of all I loved his curly brown hair. Tomorrow I have a job interview for a photographer and I wish I could get the job! I loved photography from as long as I can remember! Wish me luck!



** This is my first movella ever. I hope you guys like it, I might not update in a couple of days because I have to study for my final that are coming up soon. Feel free to comment and tell what I need to improve on. Thanks!



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