A Celestial Observer

I wrote this story two years ago.
It's the apocalypse from the point of view of the moon.
Analyse, Criticise.



1. A Celestial Observer

A Celestial Observer


As I exist in this vacuum, I watch the happenings and goings on of the things around me. The stars, the planets, and the sun. Each one of them is special in it’s own way, but the one I find most interesting is the one that is the closest.

Little odd things wander around on its surface, every one of them an individual presence, and every one of them as intriguing and mysterious as the last. They look so warm.

It took me a while, but after several million years I realised that they had consciousness just like me. My first clue was language; I began to understand the various noises the creatures made. Secondly, they were always reshaping the surface of the planet Earth, as they called it, like a piece of art that would never be finished.

Now if only I could speak to them. I came close once when they visited. They visited! I could almost feel their feet on my surface, their spacecraft, and the pole they embedded into me bearing the flag of one of their nations. We couldn’t speak to each other, but those footprints, that flag, they were the only gifts given to me.

I continued to watch them as they advanced with their understanding and technology. The cities became brighter at night than they were at day. They built towers that came close to breaking the Earth’s atmosphere. I felt proud that I’d been able to watch the growth of something so amazing.

Many more years passed and I noticed something was wrong. So did they. It seemed that so much tension had built up between several of the nations that another war broke out. I didn’t want to see the pain or the anguish. I looked away towards Saturn and Neptune.

I tried.

I tried to ignore the screams.

They soon stopped, and I turned back to see.




They were all gone! The people, the life, the oceans, and the hills!

All that remained was a burning wasteland, dotted with the scars of the deadly impacts, boiling lakes of burning water, and the ruins of a once peaceful and beautiful civilisation.

If I had a heart, it would be breaking. If I had eyes, they would be filled with tears. I refused to look at the ruined planet, averting my gaze.

I looked at Mars and Jupiter.

I looked at the stars and the suns.

I decided never to look at Earth again.

Not in a thousand years.

Or a million years!

Two million years would pass. Not a peep, not a whisper, not a sound. Every second was lonely and silent.

And then.

Oh, and then, it came. It was small, like the first cry of a newborn. A sound.

After such a long period of aversion, I turned away from the cosmos to see the Earth. And the feeling of despair was vanquished by what I saw.

The Earth was alive! The scars remained but over them grew forests, and ran rivers just as lush and fresh as the ones that existed before them. I could see little creatures roaming the surface, already beginning their incredible lives.

This is exactly how it started before.

I understood now, civilisation on this planet would destroy itself eventually, but another kind will rise in it’s place soon after.

I guess that is what the footprints and flag on my surface will remind me of every time I think of them. The life will always return.

I will never be alone, when I have the company of the Earth.

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