5 Seconds Of Summer.

Its about a girl name Aubrey. She goes to a one direction concert but what she doesn't know is that their opening act is 5 seconds of summer. What happens when all of them falls for her. She meets new people. One direction, Eleanor Calder , Danielle Peazer, and Little Mix. Their would be sad moments , happy moments , and fun moments , but secrets that would be revealed. What would Aubrey do? Who will she pick?


1. A/N

Welcome to my new story well! Its a 5 seconds of summer fanfic which includes one direction. If you don't know who is 5sos is look them up! I will be updating tomorrow! So the names are Luke Hemmings , Ashton Irwin , Michael Clifford , and Calum Hood! So yeah you guise are going to love them because of them! I LOVE 5SOS AND 1D SOOOOO MUCH! yeah and listen to 5sos on youtube! thank you so bye i'll update tomorrow!

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