The Trouble With Care

Isabel is a young girl, only aged 11. Her parents were killed in a terrible car crash, and she is put into a care home. Eventually, she finds a young couple who are more than glad to adopt her. Though Isabel thinks they are safe, kind, caring, what the face shows may only be a mask for what the heart feels.
Isabel, with the help of her little mouse companion Rasta, must find her way back to the care home, she must tell the social workers of what is going on behind closed doors. But will she be too late? Only time can tell.


1. Chapter 1



Isabel is an 11 year old girl. She has long, golden hair and lives in a care home. The reason for this is that her dad was an alcoholic and he deliberately crashed into a wall with her mum in the passenger's seat, and her mum ended up dying. She was 6 when the car crash happened.

Isabel hates her new home because she isn’t allowed to do anything like go skateboarding or ride her bike. She despises her school because of the lack of fun and the teachers aren’t fair at all. She also has an enemy, Andy. They both absolutely hate each other. Andy takes the mick about Isabel and not having any parents, and Isabel tells Andy that he is fat on a regular basis.

Everyone at the home has a different reason for being there. Sometimes, on those very rare cases, a very young child at the age of about 3 or 4 months old would be found, dumped somewhere, like on the side of the road.

One sunny afternoon at the end of July, Isabel found herself in an empty building. This didn't surprise her. The other children were nearly always outside when it was warm. The strange thing was, it was unnaturally quiet outside. It was usually quite noisy when they were outside, especially little Josh. Josh was one of those rare cases. He was found, dumped in an old bush at the side of a road  in a brown paper bag at the age of 3 months. Isabel plays with him all the time. Not because he is the only one who will play with her willingly, it’s because he is the only one who didn't  get annoyed with her when she wanted to play something her way, or that he didn't give up on something in under 10 minutes.

I had better go outside to see if everything's OK. Isabel thought to herself. Walking through the back doors, Isabel was surprised to see that the garden was empty, except for a few balloons hanging in the trees.  

“I told them not to!” Isabel muttered, annoyed once she had realised what they were doing. It was her birthday, 29th July.They had planned a birthday party. That was when Isabel heard the giggles erupt from a tree. Josh. Isabel knew instantly it was Josh because of his desire to climb trees. That was very unusual for a boy aged 4!

“I know you’re there, Josh!” Isabel said loudly. A little head popped out from under all the moist green leaves. Isabel waved, chuckling to herself as Danny, the care worker, came crawling out from beneath the mangled branches of the bushes. When he stood, Isabel couldn’t help it and burst out laughing. She began to walk towards him, but stumbled and fell to the floor. She lay there, panting, then started to laugh hysterically again. Out of the corner of her eye, Isabel saw figures come into view. Once she saw them, she snorted in her laughter, as you do, and that made her laugh even harder!

“What’s wrong, Isabel? What’s wrong?” Danny asked. Then he looked at his reflection in the window. “Oh. That’s what’s wrong.” and he started laughing  as well. Giggles started from the edge of the trees, where everyone was standing, hands covering their mouths as they stared at Danny and stifled a laugh.

“Surprise?” said Nikki, the other care worker. Nikki was Isabel’s favourite person in the whole home because she understood what she was dealing with because she had gone through it when she was a child. She had long, flowing hair the colour of a chestnut and liked things that women don’t usually prefer. She liked to be muddy, like the muddier she was, the happier she was. She had a personality of a child, not serious at all!

“Well, I’m guessing it didn’t turn out like you’d hoped?” Isabel said, grinning. Nikki chuckled.

“That’s where you are right, my friend.” she replied, gesturing to the enormous green cake that was lying, camouflaged in the bushes, with ‘Twelve Today!’ candles on the front.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have!” Isabel said. She meant it, but she was glad that they had technically ignored her and gave her a party anyway.

“And we got you a gift.” Danny announced. He then muttered “Well, sort of.” when he thought no one could hear. “I will speak to you after the cake, and you will have to guess.” A puppy? What about a kitten?  Isabel’s mind was racing with ideas about what it might be, but she wasn’t concentrating whilst she was eating her cake, so she spilled a little bit down her top.

Time flew by, and suddenly, the cake was all gone. Well, it was delicious! Isabel thought to herself as she and the other children trampled into the building and went to their favourite games. Isabel was about to follow then when she remembered to go to Danny’s office so he could speak to her.

As she pushed open the door to his office, Isabel saw a young couple standing awkwardly by Danny’s desk. Isabel's eyes widened. Are they here to....?




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