Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain short storys.

I dont own skulduggery pleasant or valkyrie cain!!

Short storys about the life of skulduggery and valkyrie! They will probably only be one chapter long but some may continue!

This is my second fanfiction!

Enjoy! :)


1. Movie night.


"So what film would you like to watch?" Asked valkyrie as she turned to Skulduggery smiled at him. "Emmmm..... What about the 1955 classic, To catch a thief?" Answered Skulduggery as he shrugged. "Wait, Isnt that a movie with Grace Kelly in?"





"Fine, Good god Valkyrie you dont give up. Shes brilliant and beautiful what more could you want?"

"Aliens, Fighting. And thats only a few. And i dont even own that. So bad luck."

"Fine then, What do you own then?"

"Star Trek, Star Wars and Space Buddies."

"Star trek? No, Im not in the mood for that. Star Wars? No, Seen that more than my fair share. Space buddies? Sounds... Interesting..."

"Are you serious? Space buddies? You wont be able to handle that."

"You must underestimate me. For i can handle anything. So put it in, And move out of the way of the T.V. It will start soon."

"Ok bossy boots no need to order me around..." She grumbled as she slotted the DVD in the player and moved.

Two Hours Later....

Valkyrie was curled up snoring slightly as Skulduggery was glued to the screen. That, He thought, Was Fantastic!!!

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