What's The World All About


1. this is what the world is all about

Maybe this is what

The world is all about

You have to wait all your life

To feel alive

You can feel happiness

But are you truly happy?

You can feel sadness

But why are you sad?

You can have hope

But what for?

You keep living

With this empty feeling on your chest

Then you meet someone

Who makes you feel whole

You feel like

You can bretahe like you have never had before

You can see the colors brighter

You can feel your heart

Beating crazy in your chest

And you question

If you have ever lived before

And that's what I'm saying

Maybe that's what 

The world is all about

You live for no reason

Until you find the reason to live

You wait all your life

To be fully alive

With that someone you'll love

And to lose that someone

That made you feel alive

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