Silently watching the clouds
And fly 
Around the sky

Softly whispering a song
To myself
Letting go of everything
Dancing around the room
With my eyes closed

Secretly sitting in my room
Trying to ease 
The pain
But it's not working too good

Hopefully praying
That everything will be alright 
Wishes are being sent
Up to the sky

Sadly taking a breathe
Opening my eyes
To another day
In disappointment
Of waking up again

Slowly dragging it against my skin
Taking the smell in
Of blood
While the tears are wetting the cheeks

Lonely taking walks to 
The park
Watching other people
Live their perfect lives

Simply crying
Cause I can't take it anymore
No wishes are sent, no hope is left
No place left to ease the pain, no time left to waste 
Open your eyes baby
Can't you see the I'm already dead

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