Diary of a Bi Kid

Diary of me, haters gonna hate.


1. It's a new day.

This chapter is when i came out as being bisexual to my friends.


Whatever date it was 2012

Arriving at school was a scary idea since i told my friends a few days before coming to school. I had disabled facebook so i didn't know what they would reply with, i had sent the same message to everyone.

"Hey guys, it's Harry.

U are one of my closest friends and i wanted u to know that im bi...

Awkies much? If you don't approve then i don't care, keep that to urself or don't talk to me.

If you don't know what being bi is, then ur a bit silly...its where i like boys...and girls....

It's like eating two ice creams at the same time, ur not sure if u want choclate, or vanilla. Except u want both.

I won't be on facebook for a few days until i know u know. So i'll talk to u at school."


What was really awkward though, was when i rocked up and everyone knew. Yep, silly me for trusting someone who was very untrustworthy.


It turned out okay though, people started hating me even more for my "choices", but i don't care what they see of me, it's what i see in myself that's important.


Moral of the day= Be yourself and stay fresh!

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