Stuck Between Two Loves (A Harry and Niall Fanfic)

Well ya see I had a dream about this so I thought I could make this a fanfic soo this story will be kinda short

What happends when Abigail Malik Zayn's sister finds out she's adopted and flies to see her brother who will she fall for? Read and find out.


1. Introduction

*Abigail's P.O.V* Hey my name is Abigail but my friends call me Abbs Abbie and soo on anyways let me tell you about myself well.. I'm currently taken my boyfriends name is Michael I'm 5'5 I'm a little short ass I'm 17 years old hmm oh yeah I can't stand a second without looking in the mirror to see if I look good (Even though Michael hates when I do that) well I love to party outgoing I'm the type of girl that doesn't give two fucks of what you say. I'm a little badass. Oh yeah my parents are deforced I got one sister and three brothers I'm the youngest out of all my birthday is next month and I think that's pretty much you need to know well bye!!(: *Note* This is my first movella sorry if the chapter sucked well like/Comment/Fave
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