The Magic in this Magical World

Scarlett is an normal girl and she has a serious ADHD problem . Her grandfather always told her normal was not good ,but it was who they were, normal. Scarlett's parents died or did they? Her mother supposedly died of a disease and her father a car wreck. One unexpected day Scarlett finds out that she's not so normal. Her parents are gods and goddesses of Olympus. Scarlett never believed in Greek mythology but then again it's not mythology. Her mother is Hecate goddes of Magic. Her father she has no idea her new mother is keeping it from her. When she is sent to a place called Camp Half-Blood she discovers that there is war at risk. There's this prophecy about seven other demigods and its their only hope. When Scarlett wants to help she is told they already left and she cannot interfere . Scarlett wants to help badly though besides she's always been a rule breaker. In this story she discovers adventure,friends, and a secret that makes her more important than others.


1. My Horrible Background

My name is Scarlett and I'm just an normal girl. My background is my parents are dead and I live with my grandparents. Short background I know but there's not much to tell I'm just normal. I go to The Academy of New York. It's not as fancy as it sounds by the way. So this week is um weirder than other weeks I guess  . Before I forget I have two good friends Kate and Nate their a couple unfortunately since they can't come up with those cute couple names. Example Justin and Selena = Jelena. With Nate and Kate its different example Nate and Kate = Nate or  Kate and Nate = Kate. My suggestion was to call them KNate or Kat and Nat. Not very good I know but they couldn't think of any better so we just call them a couple now. Anyway this started when I was on my way to school and stopped at the bakery for breakfast.

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