The found one

Alison is constantly trying to get her friends back after loosing them for a long time.

Ali had moved away for 3 years. The girls have lost touch with each other but she is trying to stick the friendship back together when a boy found his way into their friendship.

I'm warning you guys right now, there is a bit of coarse language. Thanks for choosing this novella guys! I really hope you enjoy it be cause I'm french and I actually wrote this for an french S.A. Thanks! ;)


1. Moving

  3 years already.... Since I haven't seen my dear friends. The time is beautiful. It's really warm here. Since I moved, we all lost touch. It was hard to say goodbye but I'm moving back soon. 

 - Mom? I said while worrying. 

She didn't reply.

 - Are you ok? 

 - My darling.... It was your father's group.

- Did he finish his turn?

-Yes... Yes he did.. 

She answered me with a shaky voice.

- Mom, you're scaring me. Is he alright?

-No... He won't come back home.

Her eyes we're filling up with tears that they had created in seconds.

 - You... You mean he's....

Of course, it was my turn to burst into tears. When I was trying to stay strong,  I couldn't hold my legs much longer. After a couple of seconds, I had already fell down on my knees. My mother then took me into her arms and we then cried together.  Long and painful minutes has passed until her weak voice said:

-You should go pack your stuff. Let's not be late for Los Angeles... And I'm sure that your friends will be there for you.

-No. We all lost touch. A couple of months after we left, we stopped writing.

-Oh I'm so sorry my darling.

I gave her the strongest smile I could do and left the room with what I had left of energy. After a though day of packing, and learning that your dad left this world, all you would want to do is crawl up to your bed and never wake up.

    The day had finally spoken. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I never had such a tough sleep before. I only ended up sleeping at 3:45 A.M . I wanted to call Melany and Jane (my two best friends) but honestly I was scared. 





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