The Earth is dying...

A little poam I wrote about all the enviormental problems, in the word. Enjoy. :)


1. The Earth is dying...



Lies live in the human mind

They are wonders of falsehood

They are the perfect manuscripts for masks

They make wonders of wonder happen, and make


I live in wonderland. A place only I can live

I lie in wonderland. A place only I can lie

I land in wonderland. A place only I can land

This is their way of the world, and that’s why I escape

This is the way of human, and that is why I hate

Why do we love, why do we laugh

Why do we even exsist

To lie? To live? To love? To unite? To make?


The world is a mess. A place without livingness

Our hearts is lost. Lost to greed and falsehood

The earth is dying


The earth is dying. Lying on the ground breathing heavily, heavenly. We the human race, the wonders of Mother Nature, the children of progress, standing, looking. Deeply into the soul of the earth, but doing nothing. Building a coffin in case. Building a graveyard in false. But not helping. Not thinking. No air is coming to ear. No wind coming to take away  my tear. That is why I despair, that is why I live in hate.

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