kiddnapped by my true love

Its about this girl her brothers and sisters and boyfriend she was good but then came a gang who teaches her bad things in order to stay alive shes not that innocent little girl im now that girl in a gang that kills people.


1. Kidnapped

 NAYELI'S POINT OF VIEW:   I was at my friends party her name was makayla i was with my other best friends delilah sara (who both had a crush on the same guy harry styles bad boy) and my guy friends hector sincer destin and gavin (my over protictive like brothers) i was there with my boyfriend carlos and makayla was talking to her crush zayn!!!!(bad boy in the school)along with his other friends liam, louis,harry and niall(all bad boys in a gang)my mum told me to come back home by 12:00 i looked at the clock it was 10:30 still time left!carlos said he was going out side as he did i see liam louis zayn niall and harry follow him out.I was wondering what was going on?I followed him out he walked into a ally 3blocks away  from my friends house gavin followed me on my way out he called my name out "NAYELI"!I hid behind some bushes louis harry liam zayn and niall turn around and turned back around i ran back and said "what the hell gavin!?" he said "what!?" with a smile on his face i said can you follow carlos in your car but im coming!gavin said"NO YOU KNOW THOSE GUYS ARE TROUBLE plus i dont like carlos nether does hector!I said'PLZ BIG BROTHER DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR LITTLE SISTER!"he said ok once carlos stopped to talk to the guys gavin was just watching them then zayn got mad and yelled at carlos i got scared!then out of no were zayn punches carlos in the face!I got out the car screaming like a crazy bitch!I yelled at zayn teling him to stop gavin runs out the car and grabs me i start kicking him and punchng him to let me go!I ran to carlos gavin was trying to get me but liam punched him in the face i ran to gavin i called liam a stupid as bitch he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder i kicked and screamed! he threw me into the car zayn was driving harry was next him niall liam and louis were in the back i sat on liams lap i tryed to call my bffs that are like sisters (makayla sara and delilah) louis grabbed my phone i stared crying we drove off leaving gavin and carlos liam tryed to move my hair away from my face i pushed his hands away from my face! i herd my phone ring louis handed the phone to me it was makayla she was calling me!louis said not to say anything or else!I said or else what he said dont be a bitch and answer it so i did!She said were am i i said in carlos car she said were you going i said home she said were is gavin?I said home i told her i got to go i hung up.I cryed my self to sleep on liams chest

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