my brother the popstar

i bet you think lifes great for me being the little sister of one of the worlds biggest popstars. harry styles, one of the 5 members of an world famous pop group. you an think again. i hate my life........

chloe styles could be your average 18 year old. she goes to college, has a boyfriend and has a job.but shes not your average 18 year old. shes the little sister of harry styles. she dreams of becoming a singer but doesnt want to outshine her brother. but what happens when she has a row with him and decides to go for it. what happens when she lives her dream.


1. and the winner is

chloes p.o.v


"and the winner of xfactor 2013 is..... chloe styles" they yelled. i screamed oh my god, i won, i won.

"chloe. wake up lazy, harrys coming back today" i heard my mum say. i opened my eyes and felt immediatly mad at my mum. i was having the most amazing dream. i had just won the xfactor.singings one of my passions. i love it and want to do it as a lifestyle. but theres one problem. my brother! he doesnt want to stop me but i cant help but feel that people would think i was copying him. i moved my lazy bum out of my bed and dragged it into the bathroom. i jumped in the shower. i put the radio on and guess who happened to be singing. why one direction of course. i cant seem to get away from them. not that i mind being related to one of the most loved boys on the planet, its just that i get a little bored of the constant hate i get from it. oh well if thats the song that on thts the song thats on. i sang along to it. little things is probably my favourite song in the world. not only does it make you feel good about yourself but when liam sings i really feel like he's singing to me. ok i might have a little crush on liam payne but come on he's perfect! and single aswell. i feel bad about payzer. everyone thought that they would last forever. so did i and to be honest i was a little bit jealous. i sang along with a  couple more songs with the radio and then got out the shower. i brushed my teeth before going back into my room. i was just about to sit down when

"shit louis! what the hell are you doing here?" i shouted

"sorry haz's idea" he yelled back before running out of the room. that bloddy brother of mine. i dried my hair and put some clothes on before heading downstairs. all the boys were there. harry smiled at me and gestured for me to sit down next to me. i gave him the evils and sat down in the  only other available space. which just so happened to be next to liam.

"clearly she likes me best" liam said and wrapped his arm around me. i pretended to enjoy it which wasnt that hard

"yep liams the coolest 19 year old in the world!" i said

"awww not fair" niall whined

"fine liam and niall are the coolest 19 year olds in the world!" harry pretended to sulk. i got up and gave him a hug

"im joking harry. your the best brother in the world and i missed you" i said and gave him a hug

"well i kinda have some news. management decided to add an extra leg of the tour for america. we're leaving tomorrow"

"oh" i said. he'd only just got here and i hadn't seen him properly in about 10 months

"and the good news, is that your coming with us" he said

"oh my god really" i yelled and he nodded "you are the best brother ever" i said

"i thought you might say that" i gave him another hug before sitting bak in my seat next to liam

"im so excited your coming with us. i miss our little chats" he whispered. every morning whilst liam stayed here we would wake up earliest. we would sit in the kitchen, drink tea and talk about stuff

"me to" i whispered back.

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