the stickerer

Blurb: real life thing about some person in my class putting stickers on people.


1. the start

Today was not any ordinary day in England. First of all is very suprising. It was sunny! I know suprising. But today something else happened.

I was in class with tiaxxx and plutopartay1. Tiaxxx told me something. There was this person in our class putting circle stickers on people. I had one on my back and tiaxxx had one hers. So did plutopartay. So who is it? I am deciding to investagate who is the stickerer and I will put my clues here. So lets start with the clues.


There are 4 people who have been stickered that I know of: Emily lc , Tiaxxx , plutopartay1 and me.

That is all I know so far. More clues tomorrow.



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