i love you, but do you?

Jess a 16 year old girl. Loves shopping, clothes, and all things girly. But the one thing she adores more than all of that i.. One Direction, she listens to their songs non stop. Collects posters of them. And her heart set on Liam Payne. But one of the hardest thing is....loving him but knowing he doesn't love her back...or does he?


1. shine!

"That's what makes you beautiful!" We all screamed as the song finished. 

"I literally love that song!" Kim shouted over the gang of girls giggling and laughing. 

"Yeah, but boy does it get hot up her" I sniped my armpits as i came off stage, "pew yeah i'm sure my deodorant doesn't  work, i'm off for a shower" I rushed out the backstage door and into my dressing room, turned on the shower, and jumped in. I felt the warmth of the shower pounding onto my back. It felt good like a strong massage. After a couple of minuets i got out dried myself down and got into my clothes. I dried my hair and put back my makeup on. Then went out into the corridor  and knocked on my fellow band mates doors. 

Kim came out back in her dress and make up done almost exactly the same as i was before. Once we where all in the corridor we headed to the exist.

"Get ready guys for the fans!" Martha said getting excited. 

"Yeah they're all so mad,  but i cant wait to go back to America the fans over there are amazing."

We opened the door and headed down the steps hearing all the adoring fans. The camera's flashing in our faces. TV reporters begging for our interview and amazing fans flashing camera's at us and holding up note pads for us to sign.


I never seemed to be a good as smiling towards people then my other band mates. I was the shyest one out of us all, and i wish that i wasn't.

"Jess over here!" Kim shouted and showed me to some BBC reporters asking for some quick questions.

"So Jess how are old you?" A skinny and very small lady asked me holding up a fluffy microphone. 

"Well i'm 16 and the youngest in the band" I said slightly shy.

"Do you have a celebrity crush then?" Her lips where so big and smiley which gave me so much more confident. 

"Well i love one direction, you know and some day hope to be a big as them!" I smiled nodding

"Ah well thanks Jess and now we're going to try and track down Martha now"

"Bye!" I waved them good bye and then started to sign fans photos and note pads.


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