Phil and Jenna

Everyone knows the Youtube-famous people AmazingPhil and jennamarbles. But what if these two people met - and fell in love? This tells the tale of two famous Youtubers who are madly in love and nothing will ever break them apart... hopefully. Get ready for the most romantic, action-packed and original story that will leave you in tears.


2. Serious Fangirls

Phil was right about the screaming fans. The first thing the four men heard as they stepped off the plane was an ear-piercing chorus of screams, shouts and squeals. Dan braced himself. He didn't like to admit it, but he was the cutest among them and probably the most popular. He got ready to be swamped. As they drew closer, the screams became louder. Somewhere in the crowd, someone spotted them and screamed, "It's Dan! Dan and Phil!" and the crowd erupted into a humongous roar. Girls reached over the barriers that had been laid out to stop over-excited fans. Teenagers shouted for autographs, high-fives, kisses. Some ducked under the barriers and ran towards their idols and were hastily dragged away. Most were on the floor, literally foaming at the mouth. Phil loved the attention. He was like the loser kid in his school. He would sometimes resort to talking to his own shadow. Everyone had thought he was weird. Now it was the complete opposite. Everyone loved him. They all thought he was gorgeous, funny, intelligent, talented (though he didn't like to boast about it. In fact, most of the time he denied the very idea). Everyone wanted his signature on their t-shirt, hand and bag. Everyone wanted to be his. He was their idol. He looked through the screaming crowd. He caught a glimpse. A flash of blonde hair. A row of smiling White teeth. Tall and beautiful. There, in the airport, through all the madness, he saw his idol. Jenna.
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