Phil and Jenna

Everyone knows the Youtube-famous people AmazingPhil and jennamarbles. But what if these two people met - and fell in love? This tells the tale of two famous Youtubers who are madly in love and nothing will ever break them apart... hopefully. Get ready for the most romantic, action-packed and original story that will leave you in tears.


1. The trip to New York

When Phil woke, the first thing he saw was a curtain of his silky black hair in front of his deep blue eyes. Dan Howell, his best friend and flatmate, was sat next to him, asleep, snoring gently. They were still up in the air, flying on the huge American Airways plane, on their way to New York. He brushed the hair off his heart-shaped face and sat up. The plane was quiet. Most passengers were reading, listening to music, or asleep as Dan was. Phil was familiar with America. He went to Florida every year with his family. It wasn't often he went anywhere else, but he, Dan, two of his other friends Chris and PJ had been invited to a YouTube event in New York City and, being enthusiastic vloggers, had accepted the invitation. They almost hadn't been able to get Dan booked on the flight. His passport had expired six months ago and, the UK being as slow and lazy as it was, he didn't get a new one until three weeks ago. Luckily a seat became available on the plane and Dan snatched it up before it was too late. Only three hours to go before they landed. There was sure to be some serious fangirls waiting for them. Dan, Phil, Chris and PJ were all something of a heartthrob to teenage girls and young women. It was weird that none of them had a girlfriend. Phil was twenty-seven in two months. About time he got one. He picked up his old gameboy that he had found in the attic of his parent's house and began to play and old Pokemon game.

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