Stay away from Hyrule

After helping out Zelda in the nick of time Zelda decides shes sick of getting into trouble and decides to avoid Link. Can he get her back?


1. Leave me

"Zelda stop i dont understand what on earth i have done!", he said with a tone of annoyance and confusion following me as I stormed through the fields to Hyrule.

"Lets think about this Link. Your always leaving me till the last minute. Its as if you want me dead! Im sick of it. Stay away from me and my kingdom", I say running through the field away. As i reach the drawbridge to Hyrule i turn to see link running as fast as he can. His green hat jumping with the wind. I call at David through the drawbridge hut to pull up the drawbrigde as soon as he can. As the bridge gently rises i can hear Link shout my name , his voice trembling as he shouts. as i look over the bridge i see him fall to the ground with tears falling slowly from his dark brown eyes.


I woke up to the sound of an ocarina playing Eponas song. I always go to visit Epona. As my eyes adjust to the pink sunrise illuminating the hilly grounds i see a figure placed gently on the window sill. Balanced perfectly so they dont fall into my room causing me to wake or fall out of the window into the cold river down below. it could only be Link. I slowly and silently slip out of the purple and gold bed , falling to the floor with a bang. I hear Link freak out and look up o ver the bed to see him shake out of balance and slip off of the windowsill into my room.

I stand up and say "Leave." , with a stern tone in my voice.

"Make me" , he says smirking at me.

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