Dancing on a Silver Floor

This is a poem about a ballerina dancing and what her actions and thoughts are while doing so.


1. Dancing on a Silver Floor

One, two, three.. one, two, three.. 

Step right, step left.. 

One, two, three.. One, two, three 

And turn! 


As I dance step after step, 

I feel like I am flying, 

I just got to keep trying, 

And I'll touch the sky, 

Yes, I'm going to fly! 


One, two, three.. 

I can see the stars, 

I can see the moon, 

I'm going to remove all these scars, 

And release my grip from the bars 


The beat of my heart, 

One, two, three.. Skip a beat, 

The sound of my feet gliding across the silver floor, 

One, two, three.. Jump! 

The echoes of the voices.. 

The voices that guide my every movement, 

Making me jump, swirl, turn.. Stop! 


I want to get away, 

To reach the stars, 

Yes, away I'll go, 

Where no one can follow, 

Far, far away... 


Can't catch me! 

I hear my footsteps getting quicker, 

One, two, three...

There is silence. 

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