Your forever is all that I need.

I have have a horrible past.
I have no hope in the future.


1. The begging of the End.

"Camille, time to wake up! You don't want to be late for your Junior year."

I groaned as I pulled my head off the pillow, I really didn't wanna go. I never wanted to set foot in Palm Springs high school ever again,  especially because of what happened. "Breakfast is on the table, I'm leaving for work, make sure you pick up your  brother from his basketball practice and that he gets something for dinner. Have a good first day!" My mom called from the kitchen. I pulled myself out of my bed and stood up and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. I got out of the shower and  finished getting ready for the day then  called for my brother to meet me in the car. "I'm taking the bus to school." He called from the top of the steps. "Why? I don't care to drive you." " I don't feel like being harassed by everyone for walking in with a girl with scars on her." He responded. My family was even embarrassed by me..




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