A Summer Goodbye

I thought that we had a real love but at the end of summer everything changed


1. meeting a celeb crush

When i woke up this morning i had to get ready to go to work, so i got ready and went to a cafe close to home that i work at. the town i live in is a small town where everyone knows everybody there are about 150 people living in the town so it isn't really all that big. Once i got to work i saw a group of girls near the cafe looking as if they were fangirling over someone but i didn't stop to see who it was.

About 15 minutes later the people who the girls were surrounding walked in and i saw that it was the Jonas Brothers and they were sitting at the table that i was supposed to wait on, and when i went over to them i took their order and the entire time i couldn't take my eyes off of Nick the whole time then i went and gave their order to the cook who was also a friend of mine named Sarah she was a few years old then me she was 23 and i was two years younger then Nick he's 21 and i'm 19,but that wasn't why i was hesitant to go over there it's because he's a famous musician and i'm just a girl in a small town  then Sarah then looked at me and said

"just go talk to Nick you've had a crush on him ever since their band came out" "i can't just go talk to him he's with his brothers and his mom and dad" "fine then i'll talk to him for you" then Sarah went over to the table and they were talking for a little bit, and then she walked back over to me and said

"your welcome i just talked to him for you" then she went back into the kitchen and i said"  why did you do that now he's gonna think i'm some weird person that doesn't know how to talk for myself" "well if he thought that then why is he walking over here right now" "what?" 

then i turned around and saw Nick Jonas walking towards me and when he got in front of me he stopped and he handed me a piece of paper and then said

"here's my number you should call me sometime and we can hang out" "um....sure" 

then after his family and him finished eating they went outside and got back on their bus and then they realized that their bus had broken down and he asked me to show him where the nearest mechanic was and when i showed him i stayed there for a little bit long enough to know that the mechanic said it would take about 4 to 5 weeks to fix and so that meant that Nick Jonas would be there for the summer at least half of it.


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