The Farmer's Daughter

I grew up on my daddy's farm with my daddy, my mama, and my brother. My brother Michael, went off to college this fall. Daddy needed more than just my help. He needed a man's help. So, my daddy put up and ad in our local store for help. That's when I met him, Aiden. The boy that my daddy hired to work on our farm.


1. the meeting

The day I met Aiden Goodman was bright and sunny, the way I would now describe his personality. On that day I was grooming my American Paint, Annabeth when my daddy walked through the barn doors and by his side was the most handsome man I had ever seen. 


"Hello Daddy."


"Hello Riley I want you to meet someone." my father indicated the man next to him, "This is Aiden Goodman, he'll be helping out around here since your brother went to college. I hope you help him feel comfortable, but not too comfortable."


"Alright daddy. Hello Aiden, I'm Riley O'Brien, daughter of the knuckle head who hired you."


"I'm Aiden Goodman, the man your knuckle head dad hired." Aiden had brown chest nut hair, and startling green eyes with flecks of silver and gold. His skin was sun kissed, and his face was like it had been sculpted by Michelangelo up in heaven. "Riley, what chores did your brother have?"


"Oh, he fixed the fences, herded the cattle, mucked the stalls, helped birth calves, and uh anything dad wanted done."



Aiden's POV

Riley O'Brien was the cutest specimen he had ever seen. Her golden waves one would call hair flowed like a honeysuckle river and her sparkling blue grey eyes twinkled when she laughed. Her skin showed how she spent her time, outside in the sun for hours. Riding horses, and helping out around the ranch.  He hadn't realized she had been talking to him, until she spoke once more, almost irritated,


"Aiden are you even listening to me?" I looked at her and smiled,


"No ma'am, I was taking in your beauty." I thought to say, instead I spoke, "Sorry?"


"The fence at the north side of the ranch needs fixin' do you think you can handle it?"


"Sure I can, what's the fastest way?"


"Annabeth, but you can take Starfire." Riley indicated a reddish brown mare with a star in the center of her forehead. "Be careful, she's a bucker." I nodded and saddled up. 

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