Catching Feelings

My name is Chloe Adams I'm from Las Vegas traveling around the world cause I'm a big pop star.Well I met this guy name Justin Bieber he's pretty cute but..we can't stand each other we met last week and we already don't like each other were doing a movie together with a lot of kissing and sexual scenes which I don't wanna do.
Today I have to go to the studio and record some music Scooter wants me to do a duet with Justin but I refuse not to. yeah Justin's the biggest popstar world wide but he's not all that to be honest but whatever


1. Catching Feelings

Today I got to the studio working on the movie script studying what to say I seen Justin and I rolled my eyes. "okay okay let's get this done" the director said clapping his hands "But I didn't get to read it all" I said "To bad should be having it down by now" Justin said "Why won't you shut up" I said and he walked away "Justin's right" he said "You just can't listen to him" I said "But he's right" "I think you need me more than you need him just because he's a fucking popstar doesn't mean anything" "Actually it does" Justin said eating a Big Mac "Who was talking to you" "Guys guys look just one more scene and your done" "I don't think I can do this with him" "Yeah" Justin said "GET ALONG ALREADY" the director said I scoffed and walked away "Okay places" the director said  and we got in our places "ACTION" he said "But Justin we belong together that should be me not her we made love" "I know but I just can't do this I love her" "But the way she treats you it's like...she wants you to fall in love with her she's using you Justin open your eyes and stick your head out her ass" "She- THAT'S NOT THE LINE" he yelled "CUT" the director said "What's your problem" Justin said "My problem oh I have no problem Justin that's what you need to do stick your head out Selena's ass she's using you" "Since when you care about my relationships" "I DONT" I said "Aye would you two cut it out and get this over with then you could fight and argue all you want to alright PLACES" he said "Mr Grumpy" I said "Let's just get this over with okay" Justin said I rolled my eyes and got in place "ACTION" he said "Just because I love another person doesn't mean anything why are you being so jealous" "Im not being jealous we had sex" "It was a mistake" he said "You said you loved me looked me in my eyes and told me that really Justin really" "Yes really it was a mistake I didn't mean to" "Why can't you tell the truth it's okay to tell the truth you know that" "Look I-" "SHE'S CHEATING ON YOU WITH RYAN" I said "What" he said shocked "She's cheating on you" "She wouldn't do this to me" "Well apparently she did but no you still love her and its okay" I said "No..I don't anymore" he said and took my hand "That's not the line" I mouthed to him  "I always loved you" "Justin what are you doing" I whispered he slowly leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips "CUT" the director said and Justin kept kissing "Justin he said cut" I said between kisses and I pushed him away "Now I have to boil my lips" I said "I know you liked it" he said I scoffed and walked off 

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