Seekers (Alexandra Taylor)

Alexandra Taylor just wants to live her normal life in 1752. But a man named Camry changes her life forever by changing her into a new species... Seekers! Our protectors aren't as normal as they seem. Follow Alexandra's life when the rule breaker falls head over heels with a ice manipulator, and her life gets turned upside down forever! Travel in time with the 200 year old Alexandra and find out what people have been talking about!


1. Prologue (1752)

     I woke up on the floor in a blue building surrounded by glowing blue walls. I touched my head and winced. I was knocked out. I must be dreaming, this cannot be happening! I got up and looked at my self in the one mirror that was there. My caramel skin and blue-green eyes, wait blue-green eyes?! I had dark brown eyes before this. I touched my hair, it was straight, long, and jet black. My hair shouldn't be straight or long. I had on a gold dress that had some orange at the bottom as flowers, the yellow had orange glitter on it. This didn't make sense! I am a slave, I have been for 23 years! This dress didn't belong to me it shouldn't be here. My beat up dress should be on me and I should be with my owners. Who surprisingly have been fairly nice to me since I was sold to them when I was 19. I looked down at my feet with all gold slippers.

    "Ah, Alexandra! You are finally awake!" Said a excited voice behind me. I turned quickly careful not to trip over my own feet. A man with gray shoulder length hair and green eyes smiled at me. He was wearing an all black robe. "W-w-who are you?" I managed to say keeping a safe distance from him. 

   "Your confusion is understandable. Let me explain. My name is Camry and I am the elder and leader of all seekers-."

   "Seekers?" I asked.

   His smile rose in amusement and his eyes turned light purple. I jumped and landed on my rear. "What are you?" I screamed.

   He frowned and his eyes returned to its normal color. "What humans are. Just a little stronger and faster," His gaze found mine and his face relaxed," Alexandra you have been chosen to be one of us, and protect humans. You are already in the process already, of being a seeker I mean. We are not not monsters like vampires,werewolves, and witches. Our job is to protect humans. But we cannot be seen with humans. Our eyes change color when our emotions change. If your a special one you can read minds, but it is rare."

    "Thank you but no thank you." I said.

    "I am sorry Alexandra. Your are already in the process. This is for the sake of mankind, and mankind gives us immortality." 

     I was angry. Why was I suppose to live a live forever when the bible doesn't allow it. This cannot be, this can't be my fate, I won't allow it to be. "Are the devil?" I shrieked, "Is this your personal hell? Are we in Hell?"

     He chuckled, "Like I said we PROTECT. I am not the devil and we are not in hell."

     "Can we die?" I asked innocently. 

     "Yes we can. But we can also heal.... If you allow it to."

     "Then I want to join my parents in heaven instead!" I argued and crossed my arms over my chest.

     "You will learn, and you will come to like being a protecter."

     I looked down at myself. What is the life I have been given? I hated this, I hope The Lord will save my soul.

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