Legends Of Berk: The Outcast Colony

A Legend Tells Of One Boy Who Can Save Them From The Outcast, Who Can Free Berk From Alvin The Treacherous. He's Been Looking For That One Boy. Who Knew That One Boy Was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock The Third? *AU How To Train Your Dragon Fic*


1. Prolog; Years Ago

Prolog; Years Ago

Crying filled the area as the man tried to get everyone to safely. The people came running back toward him and he tried to stop them.

"Where are you going? The boats are the other way?"

"Boats, Stoick?" A voice said to him and he turned.

"Alvin," The Outcast leader smirked at the Chief of Berk.

"Berk's going to be mine Stoick,"

"We'll see about that.


Nearby a pair knew that they couldn't escape.

"How do we keep the children safe?" The woman asked her husband. He had no idea. The man had several children in his arms. The woman was the same.

"Safe? That's not possible," The pair turned as two Outcast men walked over to them.


Alvin The Treacherous looked over the horizon, his bloody axe in his hand.

"Sir! Berk is ours!" A voice calls from behind him. He smirks.

"Great," He laughs an evil laugh, "It's finally mine!"

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