The Revolution: a One Direction Fan-Fic

Elizabeth is the princess of Britain in 1776. She lives in fear of the rebels catching her and murdering her. Her 5 soldiers who are guarding her are named Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Louis. The boys take he out of the palace, a man shoots Elizabeth in the arm, almost getting them hanged for not protecting the princess. When she runs away, she gets caught by the 5, and they run, hoping to survive the war.


1. Outside

Elizabeth's P.O.V.


I woke up. The flowery covers of my plush bed was barely keeping me warm. I saw Harold, or Harry, stoking the fire, and Liam and Niall talking. Niall was Irish, they captured him from his hometown. Zayn and Louis were standing by my bed. Harry looked nervous.

"Out! I will be changing!" I said to the men. The boys nodded their heads and left the room, but Harry hesitated. He went up to me, kissed my hand then left. Three female servants scrambled into the room to assist me in getting dressed. My curly, light brown hair, was not tangled, surprisingly. The maid barely had to comb it before letting it loose around shoulders. The other two went into my closet and pulled out two dresses each. The first servant pulled out a blue, lacy dress and a green one with flowers. The other pulled out a purple dress with a white shawl and lace, and I immidiatly fell in love with it. I nodded towards the direction of the purple one, and she pulled out my stays. I screamed as she pulled them so tight I could hardly breathe. Harry ran in, thank goodness, and loosened the stays.

"Thank you." I murmered to him. He was so kind, and handsome. Oh my God, I was falling in love.

"No problem." he smiled. He bowed and I curtsied, and he silently left the room. The servant who had tied the stays had a red face like a tomato, and she pulled the dress on. I wrapped the shawl around myself and walked out of the room.

Liam and Niall were standing by the stairs, ready to guard me at all costs. Zayn and Louis were standing right next to me, and Harry was standing right behind me. He looked at me longingly.


Harry's P.O.V.


The princess was beautiful. Her caramel hair was gorgeous, and her voice sounds like and angel. 'She is a princess, and you are a mere servant to her.' I thought. Louis turned around and gave me the, she is a princess, look. I nodded my head and kept walking behind her, keeping her precious body safe.


Elizabeth's P.O.V.


"Let us go to the park." I said. The park was the beautiful garden outside of the palace. Niall opened the door saying, "Ma' Lady!" I nodded my head with a smile and kissed his cheek, I stepped outside alone  because the soldiers were shaking hands with the blushing Niall. Harry scrambled up saying, "I will never leave you unguarded." he joked. I laughed, and the other 4 came running up, Niall and Liam in front of me, Zayn and Louis behind me, and Harry next to me, but Louis nudged Harry, and the switched spots, and oddly, I was dissapointed because the switched. 'He is a servant.' I thought to myself. I tapped Liam's shoulder and said, "I am going to sit by that pond." Liam nodded his head saying, "Don't kill yourself!" I laughed and jumped into the water. Harry had a face saying, I sooooo want to jump in there too, and kiss the princess, I chuckeled to myself and kept dipping my toes in, giggling at the coldness.

"There she is!" yelled a voice. A man dressed in a blue came running out of the bushes with a man begging him to come back. The man pulled out a gun, but Harry ran over to him and tried to wrestle the gun from him, but the other man stepped to the side and shot me in the arm.

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