Time doesn’t stop for anybody

Five Kingdoms united as one; and broken by one so easily. Will the past meddle with the future? Destroying families and putting people in danger. Can Grace stop time, in time to find her sister and bring her back, or will a boy distract her from the matter at hand?


1. Fighting in the throne room.

Walking down one of the many corridors, I breathed in the quietness; for once it was serene in such a great place. But it was kind of normal, no one takes notice of me usually. See I am the middle child out of five and ignored by my own parent. Sadly I have no mum. He sometimes forgets I am here and thinks I am one of the servants. He's too busy ruling over everyone and trying to marry off Cassandra; the oldest. Then we have the two trouble makers who are the youngest, and naughtiest boys in the world. I have to look after them; both on my own. And then there is my sister who is always on edge with my father; they have a complicated relationship. Then there's me Grace who keeps herself to herself and her only friends are wild animals and the servants.


As I neared the end of the corridor, I heard raised voices coming from the throne room, I neared closer to the door to listen. The only words that I could catch where '' WHY '' and '' I HATE YOU ''. The floor started to creak from behind the door and the hinges of the door flew open. I only had a second to jump behind a giant navy blue pot embroidered with gold flowers, where my brothers where hiding behind as well. As we peered round the corner the whole scene played out before my eyes, as one of my sisters came out stomping, tears streaming out of her eyes and the faint cry of pain that came from my father’s heart when he said Alisha. I hide behind the pot, my violet dress crumpled on the floor, my face in horror with my brothers beside me in ore. When we thought it was safe to come out we ventured into the throne room. My father was slumped on the throne with his crown half way down his head. I wanted to console him, but when he crocked the words out ‘’I'm the bad guy’’. I didn’t try anything else.


Like before the halls where quiet, the mice hadn't even come out to haunt the cat, Leila. She is a scaredy cat and one of the few animals on this planet that is normal. There was no joy, no laughter; even the boys where on their best behaviour. As I entered the dining room Alisha's favourite food was set out on a crystal white table cloth, you could tell that he wanted to apologise to her. But all I could think of was the sight of my sister running out of the throne room playing over and over again in my mind; it wouldn't stop. We waited minute after minute, the day getting darker and she was nowhere to be scene. My father should have known by now that Alisha would not come down for dinner but kept persisting the servants to go and get her.


As I trudged up the stairs, taking me forever because we have 50 treads (steps); I counted them when I was six and still continue to do it at sixteen. 51 treads, I really wanted to go to the beginning and start to count again but decided against it when I heard the noises coming from my sisters bedroom.






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