A war of a life time

two girls lost on a adventur beyond their wildest imagination


1. chapter 1


chapter 1

Two girls, lost on an adventure beyond their wildest imagination.They began their journey as foster kids, but when they enter a parallel universe they have to rely  on themselves to find thees. One muggle born, the other pure blood, once friends, still friends but in the opposite direction. 


Miss brick, r of brickwood, disliked the girls because they were different, buteir secret. She treated them like dirt an  with that they ran away.


Katie and Amber packed their bags and left towards the forest. It felt like days since they left Brickwood but they could see the end. On there way they came across a book, a mysterious book that led to a whole new world.Katie desided to read the mysterious

book. She told Amber all about what she had read, Amber told her that they will need to put a tent out. In the morning Katie was woken up by the sound of the rain, she awoke Amber and together they lit a golden fire.   Katie went for a walk while Amber was packing the tent. Suddenly out of the misty trees came a cloaked figure followed by a masked man. A dementor. closer and closer it came until " EXPECTO PATRONUM!" screamed Katie. But she missed, she hit her own patronus and she fell silently to the muddy ground. Amber was taken and she couldn't come back.





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