The bad boy, the girl always wants the bad boy... But what if this time the bad boy wants the good girl?


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*Kate's P.O.V*
Cameras flash, laughter being heard, people having fun, this is not what I had in mind of a graduation party. The room was dark, lights flickr on and off, it almost looked like a club. I walk to the kitchen to get a soda and see a tall back shadow appear behind me, fearing it was brandon I did not turn around. I quickly lift the mountain dew bottle and pour it into my cup, hands shaking, heart beating fast, I finally turn around. I see a tall figure, he has beautiful eyes a black quiff, almost like he was perfect, then I realise, it's Zayn, Zayn Malik. The one 'bad boy' on the block that every girl fell for, I was that one girl that was scared, scared of being hurt again, the one that surrounded herself in a brick wall that was unbreakable. He looked me up and down and my heart started beating faster, as if it were going to jump out of my chest and into his hands, but it wont, not this time, I promised myself I wouldn't be in another relationship, especially with someone who gets into bar fights every night, who would comfort me if I got hurt? I quickly walk out of the kitchen as he follows, I somehow manage to get lost in the crowd and hope he doesn't find me.
*Zayn's P.O.V*
"Can you get me a drink" My friend asks.
As I head to the kitchen I begin to see a feminine like shadow. She looked beautiful, all I could see was her long dark brown hair, then when she turned I saw her face, big eyes, small nose, nice lips, she was gorgeous, but I saw something in her eyes that I didn't see in others as I looked her up and down, fear. I have a rebelious past but I was left in the darkness, so darkness is what I become. As I look her up and down she quickly walks toward the room and I follow her. I'm not going to let this one go, she was different, she didn't want me.
*Kate's P.O.V*
I couldn't find them so I just drove myself home. I felt like someone was following me but I ignored the feeling, I just wanted to go home. When
I got home I was greeted by my mom, 
"How was the party" She exclaimed,
"It was okay, it tired me out though, I just need some sleep and I'll be fine" I sigh and head upstairs and change into my pajamas. I hear my phone go off and I unlock it to see 1 new message.
From: ***-***-****
Love don't undress with the windows open ;)
Z? Zayn... Zayn?...Zayn! I quickly run over to the window and see a black range rover outside my window, I quickly close the curtains and hop into my bed, fearing that he would get to me.
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