Letting her go.

Louis and Eleanor are in love until he meets the girl of every ones dream, Katie. He falls swiftly in love with her and ends up with her. does Eleanor win his heart back or does she fail.....


1. my girl.

Louis P.O.V


i sat up in bed looking at my beautiful girlfriend  sleeping slightly  next to me i smiled and i kissed her forehead thinking how pretty she is. The next day me and Eleanor decided to go to the cinema to watch a film but  the film we wanted to watch got sold out of tickets we decided to find another film on the internet to watch but we dint like what it was about  so we decided to find some other film if we dint like them we would just go out for a romantic dinner at a really posh hotel  in Exeter. the dinner went really well but eleanor took 1 hour getting ready to do her hair, make up and to choose her outfit. she look really beautiful and she was wearing the dress that i brought her for her birthday. it was the lengh of her knees and was a beautiful red colour with diamonds that scattered them self over it.  The next day me and eleanor descied to have a lie in but i woke up before and phoned niall who was eating breakfast and his girlfriend emily was in bed so i phoned him to say would u wanna go on a double date with me and eleanor and niall said ok ill let emily know as soon as she wakes up from her beauty sleep. 


eleanors P.O.V


i woke up after louis had hung up the phone to niall so i phoned emily to see what she was doing today and she told me that u and louis, emily and niall where going on a double date to the cinima to wacth the inposibale movie because that was the movie that got sold out that day that me and louis wanted to watch. an hour latter emily and niall knocked at the door i was still getting ready to go on our date so louis answered the door and said" eleanor is still getting ready". an hour latter eleanor was ready to leave the house niall was driveing louis was in the front sit next to niall. eleanor and emily was in the back sits next to each other. 2 hours latter they arrived in linginshire because they were going on holiday but they ordered someone to drop there luggise off at the airport wich then would be delivered to there hotel in linginshire. they put blind flonds onto the girls because it was a surpisse for them because they throught they were going on a date somewere.   

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