Yes my dad’s the whole deal, evil, pitch forking, torturing, fiery devil that lives in hell instead of up a cliff top. Deal with it.

My name is Death Hunter. I never meant to. I didn't know what would happen. But I did. I broke the rule. And now its coming.


2. Dee.



“No its fine, I was finding it quite funny actually.” I lied pushing my nail into my palm, one of the many techniques for dealing with anger I’d picked up over the years. I had quite a few strategies for moments like this partly because I’d had a long time to collect them but mostly because if I didn’t know them a lot of people would have third degree burns right now. So I decided that a small cut was worth it but the tensing of the boy next to me as he realised what I was doing did make me feel bad- I must seem so weird to everyone.

“Ok then!” said the annoying kid who I assumed was Jack “Who’s for lunch?”

I groaned inwardly as I was led away from the corridor. I hadn’t intended to make friends. Just to brush up on my understanding of what was going on in the world and get the hell out of there but then this guy had started talking to me and well… he was nice. What was I supposed to do?

The three of us sat down at a grubby table in the corner of an even grubbier dining room. I noticed that everyone was avoiding us and sitting on the other side of the room if necessary.

“You were right; being with you guys is social suicide.” I smiled- I liked these people, which was strange for me but something about the way they didn’t fill the silence was nice, in fact it was probably for Cass’s benefit that I had done that stupid introduction speech sticking so close to the truth. My family really was crazy but that had nothing to do with my name- even with my dad being the devil, he wouldn’t cause that much pain to his only child, it wasn’t his fault I hadn’t read the terms and conditions properly before signing the sucky contract. Yes my dad’s the whole deal, evil, pitch forking, torturing, fiery devil that lives in hell instead of up a cliff top. Deal with it. My family and career situation made me a bit more shall we say sensitive to emotions. Which is a light way to say ‘don’t annoy me of I’ll burst into flames and probably accidently kill everyone around me.’

I bit back a laugh- the one and only child of the lord of the underworld was committing social suicide with a couple of grubby looking boys in a worryingly unhygienic canteen. Funny!

“Well?” I looked up to see both Cass and Jack staring at me expectantly.

“I’m sorry what?”

“Do I call you death or Dee?” It was Jack.

“Oh yeah sorry, it’s Dee for my friends so yeah call me Dee if you like.”

“Ok then. So I guess this groups just grown a person then!” he beamed happily making me wonder just how unpopular they were.

“So tell me” I rested my elbows on the table “What is there to eat in this hostile territory?”

“Nothing good.” Cass leaned forward and continued quieter as if sharing a secret “but they say one time there was a pizza served without maggot in it.” He leaned back, nodded knowingly and winked at us.

“Wow! No way!” Jack dramatically clapped his hands over his mouth whilst I frowned regretting not being so good at sarcasm. “What’s the matter?” asked Jack looking worried that he might lose the only new friend he’d made in god knows how long.

“It’s nothing just that…” My phone blaring saved me from yet another embarrassing episode of social failure. Sighing I looked down at the caller I.D. although I had no idea why as I only had one number on my phone which was my dad’s and if he was calling me in the middle of the day then that meant… call out. Damn.

“Yes what is it?” I said using my best annoyed voice down the phone.

“Mass death, caused by a gas leak going off.”

“Why can’t one of the carriers take care of it?” Carriers are sort of mini deaths that take care of the normal souls leaving me free to just deal with the important ones like kings and such like.

“You’re the closest immortal to the scene at the moment. Look, just get the souls and go it makes no real odds to you anyway.”

“How can I be the closest? Every location on earth is within a mile of a carrier.”

“Yes but your actually on the location now.”

“Oh. Okay then.” I trailed off amazed by something growing inside me, it felt like someone had put a lump in my chest and now I couldn’t breathe. Was this what it felt like to be sad? Biting my lip I pushed the end call button and looked around me trying to ignore the cold feeling I always got when I was around soon to be death, I saw the split pipe out of the corner of my eye that had gone un-noticed by everyone else and the smokers standing a little too close to it about to light up unaware of the danger they were about to cause. Lastly I saw my friends smiling, not knowing and not understanding what they were about to go through. I closed my eyes for a moment and tortured myself by thinking about what would happen to their souls.

First I would have to take them to the caught were they would be judged to see if they were to go to heaven or my place- hell. Most of them would leave me there because they’re children and they hadn’t really had the time to amass any amount of sins but those few that had would probably get only a limited sentence before going up there to and that was all I knew, I’d never been to heaven obviously. Then I’d be left having to start again with a new life, new school and trying to make some new friends, emphasis on trying.

I couldn’t do it I realised suddenly. I couldn’t take the souls of the only two people that had ever been vaguely kind to me. But to save a soul that had already been marked was unheard of, it was the unspoken rule of all those who worked with death and quite frankly the only one that mattered.

 I made a decision.

“Guys…” I said looking behind me warily, I only had a small window before the carriers came, drawn to the deaths like moths to a flame “We’re going outside” I snapped my head back round to look at them “now!” I slammed my palms into the table to push myself up and bolted for the door dragging Cass with me, only hoping Jack would follow. People turned to stare at us but I didn’t care I just kept running faster down the twisting corridors until the door was in sight ahead of me. I felt myself starting to change as I always did when death was present. Switching back to my true element. My senses becoming sharper, more alert. My clothes changing (hoody and jeans both black, I ditched the robe long ago) and a scythe mysteriously appearing in my hands.

Laying on the speed I burst out of the main doors, slammed Cass onto the grass and whirled around to the doors to see if Jack was with us. There he was charging towards the doors and if all the daemons of hell were after him which was fitting because they were.

“Come on!” I shouted back at him but knowing he was too slow, not enough time. A wall of fire rushed up behind him faster than any creature could ever dream to move and swallowed him inside its depths.

“NO!” It was Cass who had miraculously stayed conscious.

I felt the transformation completing itself making me walk towards the flames scythe raised but for some reason a nursery rhyme floated into my head which was strange in itself because as far as I can remember nobody had ever thought to sing to me, yet here it was in all its freaky glory.

‘Once the laws are broken it can’t be undone,

The final countdown has begun,

And if on the thirteenth chime it has not been righted,

Then the shadow shall come and the flame will be lighted.


The sound of a church bell chime rang out across the land. Causing me to stagger.

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