The real me

After all of her life, 14 year old Aubin finds out the truth about who she is. Swapped at birth by a mistake, tearing her family apart, how will a little girl cope with everything she's ever known taken away. Feeling unwanted, Aubin has to make the choice, off how to live her future.
On the other side of the world, lives movie star, Kristen Stewart, who doesn't feel comfortable around her family. She has a younger sister, who doesn't seem like she fits in. But if she where to share her opinion, she would loss the remaining relationship with the people she loves.
So what happens when Kristen gets the answer she's needed all along. Will she be able to fix together the broken Aubin, who needs a sister in her life.


1. Arguments

  No matter how loud I turned my music up, I could still hear the shouting from down stairs. It seemed to be everyday now that my parents argued. But as soon as I would enter the room, they would stop and pretend to be happy, but I could see right threw there acts. And it was strange, ever since the arguments started my Dad hadn't quite looked at me the same. 

      I hadn't done anything wrong, well not that I could think of. I was getting good marks in school, I was always well behaved, and in general I was being the same me I had been for my whole life. 

      I was lying on my bed, daydreaming, one of my favourite things. I loved the fact I could make anything possible. I was the sort of girl with dreams and goals for life. I wanted to be successful in what ever I did, and with dreaming the days away I found I could find out more about myself. 

       I shot up from my bed, when a word caught my attention. " Daughter". Where they arguing about me? It was unlikely they where arguing about my little sister. She couldn't do anything wrong in their eyes, something which got on my nerves but lived with at the same time.  I turned my music off and pressed my ear to the ground.

      " Your telling me she doesn't look like your child?" My mother shouted " do you realise how stupid that sounds, I gave birth to her and you seen me" 

      " You hear horror stories all the time about babies switched at birth. She looks nothing like us, Scarlett does, doesn't she" that left my mother speechless. Why was she letting him say this stuff?

       The words my parents had said, hit me like a smack in the face. I was their daughter, wasn't I ? I felt out of breath, this sort of stuff didn't happen to people like me, I was ordinary.

      Opening my door as quietly as possible I tiptoed down the stairs trying to make sure they couldn't hear me. Staring at the closed door leading to the kitchen I questioned myself. If I walked in, they would explain it to me surely and if I went back up stairs I may never have to live threw the dreaded conversation. But the words would always be there to haunt me and they would probably notice my change of mood and I would have to explain myself. Taking a gulp of air, I entered, probably looking the same as I felt. 

     " Darling, did you hear that whole conversation?" My Mother asked, turning around and coming over to give me a hug once  she had realised i was there.I looked up at my Father, but he didn't show any emotion.

      " You don't think I'm your daughter, do you ?" Saying the question felt stupid, and I hoped it was just a miss understanding. " Do you?" This time the words where said with more anger. It this wasn't my family then who was, would they even want a stranger as a daughter. But I was stupid letting my mind get ahead of me like this. 

      " Aubin, it's just, well. I'm a bit worried about your DNA" My Dad said, trying to make it sound like a everyday problem. " You see, you don't look like any of your family, more worryingly us, your Mum and Dad. You see the problem I have is that Scarlett does.  I do love you, with all my heart. And I still would even if you weren't mine. I just want to no the truth." While he was giving me this speech, my mother was standing giving him the evils. Obliviously wanting him to shut his mouth. 

       " So your going to dump me, off to some family I don't even know? "

       " Baby no" My mum was saying, with tears rolling down her cheeks " This is pathetic, I know your my daughter. Go up stairs and I'll finish this conversation with your Dad. And I'll take you out for tea. I'm sorry you had to hear this, it's not true i promise" Desperate to get away from them I ran back to my room, nearly breaking my face in the process. 

        This was the point where I should be crying my eyes out, or thinking what my family where like, if i had been switched at birth.But instead I felt empty. Everything I had ever known was gone, nothing would go completely back to normal. And if I was their daughter, we wouldn't look at each other the same way. What would Scarlett ask, when she found out I had been having tests? 

       My world had fallen apart, for me accidentally over hearing a conversation.

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