Fighting to death...

it all happened when alex anderson has been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend , what will louis tomlinson ( her boyfriend ) do to get her back??


1. shopping!

alex's p.o.v

Today louis was busy , i didnt get to see him for the whole day , i missed him so much , i never loved someone before like i loved louis , he is so great , sweet and perfect for me ....he never did something wrong to me , he is just a great person witha great heart .

louis texted me and told me that he was coming , i got so excited , i know one day isnt that much long but ... for me it is.

*knock knock*

i opened the door to see louis standing outside , i ran up to him and i hugged him so tightly that he almost couldnt breathe..

" oh god , you missed me that much??"

he said as he walked inside and sat on the couch.

" yes !!!"

i said in a high voice as i closed the door and sat next to him , he wrapped his arms around me , i put my head on his chest hearing his heart beats....

" can you hear me heart beats??"

he asked.

" yea , why are you asking"

i said as i looked up at him.

" because i want you to know that every beat is just for you.."

he said as he kissed my forehead.

" aww that is SWEET !!"

i said as he laughed.

" i love you "

i said as i kissed his lips.

" babe , wanna go shopping??"

he said.

" YES , since i need so many things to buy , i need a converse , shirts , pants , perfumes , ..."

i said as he cut me off by saying " okay babe , i got it .."

i laughed .

" okay then lets go.."

i said.

we went to the mall .

" babe , you go to forever21 shop while i go to nike okay?"

he said.

" okay"

i said as i smiled , i went to FOREVER21 my favorite shop of all the time.

i started to explore it looking for a cute , perfect shirt.

somebody grabbed me by my arm and placed a cloth on my nose and mouth.


 he said.

i couldnt handle it so i breathed and everything went dark...


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