In Paris With Her


1. Paris <3

Why is love so painful and complicated? I love her so much, I wish our families could just get along!

Ten years ago a heart wrenching disaster broke out between my family and our rivals it left everyone in shock. It’s not the same anymore, it is like shattered glass that can’t be placed back together.

It led to this moment now in Paris with her. Her golden brunette hair shines brighter than any star In the sky, her beautiful brown eyes crystal clear like twinkling diamonds as we stand at the peak of the sensationally stunning Eiffel Tower and peer down to see what is below us.

People strolling along the side of the glimmering river Seine, couples of all shapes, sizes , ages and religions. Then I look down and I see a young couple about my age  there so in love, he strokes her cheek delicately as she leans in for a kiss or two, her shining blonde hair waves in the wind as her luscious ruby red lips met his lips and sparks begin to fly as he hands her a rose and holds her close in his arms  to never let go of their love for one another. They walked away palm in palm as the sun began to shine.

He stops suddenly, drops to his knee and the girl freezes her hand claps her mouth. He lifts a dark box to her waist, opens it, she screams and flings her arms around him. They pause for a moment, taking it all in and then they began to stroll of in to the sunset.

A painter dressed in black and white , painting a young women’s portrait she’s wearing A elegant gown and a bright red rosy poppy in her hair , the painter lifts his brush to his paint pallet and begins to paint her.


The Notre Dame Cathedral an old, impressive, alluring monument in built in Paris in 1163 Paris such a beautiful structure made by man.

I can see the sun setting in the distance now it’s a mixture of red, orange and blue it is so beautiful as I look down below us I see the same couple from before, I thought to myself maybe love can last forever as I held her tightly round her waist and gave her a soft peck on her slightly red cheeks then we looked down to see A old man.

I recognised this man from somewhere the coat he was wearing was dark blue and his cheap, hideous hair cut then he looked up directly at me and her “ I am in so much trouble!” I said.  He was fuming his anger as hot as volcanic lava it was like he was going to rip my head off as he began to make his way up to the mount of the Eiffel tower were we stand. I clasped her hand in mine and said our time together might not have been long but your father is coming lets run, lets run!

There was nowhere to go ,time is over now but the memories of Paris with her will always be valued until the end of time.

Goodbye my sweet Love I said as I gave her one last kiss goodbye in the city of Paris.

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