One Direction Imagines

All you need to do to get an imagine about yourself in simple!
Just right a comment with your eye color, hair color, what boy you want from 1D, and your name. And write if you want to have your username at the bottom to make sure its yours, you don't have to though. Thanks! Hope you like them!



Hi! I'm going to start writing One Direction imagines for anyone who wants one! All you have to do is in a comment below, say your name, what boy from 1D you want, your eye color, hair color, body shape (skinny, curvy, straight, ect.), and what you want to happen in your imagine! If there is a certain song that you love and think it would go with the story, you could add that too but it's optional! Sorry if I don't get back to you as fast as you want but I'll try to work on it and finish it soon after you request it. Thanks!

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