Forget the Bad Remember the Good

Five girls, five guys. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Maggie, Ruby, Maddie, Marley, and Brook. There lives are anything, but normal. Zayn rescues Maggie and they fall in love without saying two words to each other. They meet along with Maggie's close friends Marley, Ruby, and Maddie. They have to bring along a high school bully, Brook that ruined there lives. Will Brook come between Ruby and Louis? Will Zayn give up on Maggie? Will Maggie fall for another guy and ruin her friendship with a certain famous girl, Arianna Grande? Will Maddie get hurt by Harry? How will Niall react when he finds out the girl of his dreams is getting loads of hate? What happens when the boys find out how much Brook hurts Ruby? Will they give up? Or will they keep fighting? One things for sure, Bad beginnings have to have a happy ending. Right?


1. School

Maggie woke up ‘Another one of those days‘, she thought. Maggie didn't want to go to school because of her stupid classmates. They would always make fun of her for liking One Direction and she hated that so did Marley, and Ruby. They hated that those people would make fun of her idols they wouldn’t curse or fight with them they just killed them in there mind. Maggie got up and went to school. She did have other friends but they would tease her about 1D but she would just smack them in the forehead . She  stood in front of her classroom, ready for another bad day to start. When she opened the door it was empty. The room was dead silent , not a single student in the room. She started to worry. “Where is everyone” , she thought. “Hello?”, she asked . No answer, she took out her phone. 37 messages and 16 missed calls! They were all from Marley, and Ruby she called Ruby.


“Hello” said Ruby

“hey”, said Maggie

“MAGGIE WHERE ARE YOU!”, Ruby practically screamed

“where is everyone did I miss something?”, Maggie questioned

“well duh!, its only the most awesomest field trip ever!”,  Marley blurted out

“wait did I miss the camping trip?” Maggie asked with concern

“yeah, I'm so sorry but i bet you could get a ride from your parents”, Ruby said with  a smile

“ yeah I guess see you tomorrow” , said Maggie planning out how she would get there

“ Okay see you tomorrow”, Ruby said

“and hurry up!”, said Marley.


Maggie got home mad. She was looking forward to this trip the whole year. She didn’t have a car or money to take the bus. She didn’t want to ask her  parents because she knew they would say no. She would have to ask her brother she knows a way to  get them to do anything, but the problem was that her brother was at his friends  house and she needed to leave tonight. So she was going to do the only thing she could, but it was also going to get her in a lot of trouble. She was  going to sneak out and take her parents car.

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