Politics of 6th Grade

I am not telling you a fictional story, I am not telling you a lie, I am telling you the truths and hardships of my first year of middle school. Everybody's trying to fit in, but me, I am just trying to blend in.


1. Day One

"Beep, Beep, Beep," the shrieking of my alarm clock made me want to break it. I harshly threw the pillow over my face as my mom called my name. "Kaily, Kaily!" She yelled "Your gonna be late!" "Coming!" I gazed at the alarm clock, it was 8:00. Oh no, I thought to myself, my stupid alarm clock broke again. As I threw on my uniform, I tried not to be frustrated with myself. I raced into the bathroom and threw on my clear mascara and swiftly put my long blond hair into a messy bun. I ran downstairs dragging my backpack behind me. I grabbed the toast that my mom had prepared for me and threw my stuff into the car. I carelessly grabbed my converse and slid them on my feet. On the way to school, we turned on the radio, my favorite song came on. I sang and sang, before I knew it, I was at school. I walked around the back of my car to get my backpack. I pulled it out of the car, said goodbye to my mom, and ran to my locker. There I pile all my new books and race to class. I sit down next to my best friend Annabelle. We chat about the summer until the teacher walks in. My new homeroom teacher, the one I have dreaded, the one who I have cried over, I despised this teacher. She began with a simple sentence, "Hello children, I will be your homeroom teacher." The room stood silent as she wrote in carful handwriting on the white board, Mrs. Slithen. Her name sounded to me like a terrifying snake, or a hideous raptor. She turned around and stared at us almost as if she was looking into our deepest thoughts. "We now will go to an assembly," she said sternly. We walked over to they gym where they talked about how the year would look and how exited we should be. All of this prepping for the year just made me feel even more nervous. How am I going to survive here, I thought to myself, will very day be a boring as this one, will I have to see my teacher very much? Then I turned around. All the thoughts in my mind began to fade away. I looked into his sharp blue eyes. There I stood face to face with the most popular guy in the grade, who I thought was the cutest guy in the grade. I tried to turn around so he couldn't see my face turning scarlet, but I couldn't. I stood there motionless. Our eyes meet and locked. He said, "Uh, hey." "Hi," I replied tying not to say, that's the best you could come you could come up with after we just had a moment there! Or at least a moment in my head. Maybe it was my imagination, maybe it was my mind, well whatever it was it wasn't real, I needed a reality check, and I got one. As I was thinking he saw the most popular girl in school walk by and Nafiel (my crush, the one I had just been talking to) said, "Hey, Maddison!" And followed her back to the class. I felt betrayed, I felt miserable, I felt like a complete idiot. I turned around and Annabelle gave me a nudge and a wink. "Shut up," I said in response. "Was that all about?" She said calmly. "My imagination getting the best of me," I replied with a sigh. "Is this how it will be Annabelle? Middle school I mean, will there always be groups, will I always be dissed?" "I don't know," she said,"only time can tell."

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