Sibling love

I'm Naomi Elise Tomlinson, yes Louis Tomlinson of one direction's younger sister. We get along great, but when I move in with him and his friends in their London penthouse, things happen. What happens if I fall in love? What will louis say if I tell him the truth? And what will I do if I have to make a life changing decision? My life is hard, but if disaster strikes will everything change?


1. Kidnapped.

Naomi's P.O.V

"Goodnight Mum." I said kissing her on the cheek. "Night sweetie." she called as I left the room. The twins Dais and Pheboe were in bed and me, mum, Charlotte and Felicity  were all in the living room watching tv. As I brushed my teeth, I thought about if I would get in or not. I mean I auditioned 4 weeks ago, I should have gotten a letter by now. I lay down under my blankets and slowly fell asleep.

I woke up suddenly as I was being blindfolded. I kicked hard and heard a scream. My arms and legs were tied together now. I was trembling in fear. Why my house? Are the others ok? I kept thinking. I was carried outside and put into a car. "Drive!" I heard a voice say. After a minute I started crying. Straight away my blindfold was lifted. "Don't cry Naomi, it's only me, your safe!" Someone whispered as I was engulfed in a hug. I looks up to see my big brother smiling at me. "Louis!!!" I screamed. "Why the hell did you kidnap me?" I asked hitting him on the head. "First if all, OW! And second your coming to live with me and the boys." He said gesturing to the four smiling boys. "Okay!" I laughed. "Who did I kick in the you-know-where?" I asked. "Harry!" They all chorused. "Well..." I started. "You scream like a little girl." I told him. 

Louis's P.O.V. 

"Guys, help me Naomi up to the flat!" I ordered lifting my sleeping sister out of the car. "Yes sir." Harry said saluting me. We sucsessfully got her inside and onto the sofa in five minutes. "Lou?" I heard Naomi call. "Why the hell am I here?" She asked looking deeply confused. "Mum wanted you to be nearer your school." I said grinning. "Huh?" I smiled innocently. "Did mum not tell you?" She shook her head. "You passed your auditi..." I never finished that sentence. "OMFG!!! I'm going to the Royal Ballet School!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" And with that all the boys came rushing in. "Who got hurt?" Liam asked looking worried. "Nobody, why would you think that?" Naomi asked innocently. They all just stared at us like we were crazy. "Um... Guys, where do I sleep?" She asked looking confused. "Follow me!" I said grabbing her wrist. "Wow!" She gasped. "Goodnight!" We said leaving her in the room on her own.

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