Opposites Attract [Working Title

The typical teenage romance of Jason Scott and Kim Jackson.


1. Anniversary


          Jason spun towards the sound, just in time to be tackled to the ground in the middle of the school cafeteria. He groaned as he opened his eyes.
          "Kim?" He asked, surprised.
          "It's our anniversary-y-y-y-y-y!" she sang happily. "One year today! I love you so much!"
          Swooping down, she kissed him firmly on the lips and hopped off of his chest, still laughing with a full grin on her pretty little face. With a roll of his eyes, Jason stood - he was definitely used to Khimberley's antics by now.
          Walking towards her and curling her up completely in his arms, he smiled back and said softly, "I know, angel. I love you too."
          She giggled against his chest before snuggling her head further into his body and closing her eyes. She was right where she wanted to be - next to his heart.

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