Riyan Malik, younger sister of the now famous Zayn Malik was stuggling. Her parents loved her brother and saw Riyan as a failure. With the help of her friends Sarah, Hunter and her brothers bandmates she is on the path to proving them wrong. what will happen along the way fallouts, fights and love?


1. Chapter 1 *Riyan*

Riyan's POV

I sat next to Sarah and Hunter my dark brown hair whipping in my face. The world was quiet as we sat on the edge the sun casting an orange glow on the sea below us.

"Why can't we just stay here?" I sighed as the sun slipped below the horizon.

Hunter leaned back his light brown hair ruffled by the wind. "Yea but you know what will happen."

"My parents." I growled tears pricking at the edge of my eyes.

Sarah leaned over giving me a hug. "It's ok Ri."

"Besides." Hunter said sitting up. "Is'nt Zayn and his buddies coming home tonight."

I shot up nearly knocking Sarah over. "Crap. I got to be home by the time he gets there."

"Then lets go." Hunter laughed heading for my car. Sarah and I quickly followed him.

~Skip the car ride~

I pulled up at my house. My parent's cars we're parked in the driveway with my brother's on the side of the road.

"Crap." I sighed getting out of the car. "They're going to kill me."

Hunter hopped out after me. We had dropped off Sarah back at her house, Hunter was my neighbor so he agreed to come with me.

I slowly opened the door slipping in. Hunter followed me almost tripping on the doormat. "Hunter." I whispered. "Be quiet."

"I'm trying." He whispered back. 

"Riyan." A voice called from the other room. "Is that you?"

"Shit." I muttered under my breath. 

My dad walked around the corner. "And you brought him." 

My parents had never really liked Hunter. We didn't know why.

"Why wouldn't I bring Hunter over." I said my voice icey. "He's my friend."

"Well your late." My father said. "Your brothers been home for half an hour."

"We had to drop off Sarah." Hunter said. 

"Get out of my way boy." My father growled. I  shrank behind Hunter. 

"Riyan?" Zayn called walking around the corner.

"Zayn." I cried relief in my voice. I ducked under Hunter's arm and gave Zayn a hug. If anyone could protect me it was Zayn. I followed him into the other room. My mother sat next to my father's empty chair, my brother's bandmates were already upstairs. Hunter came in hugging me good night. 

"Night." I whispered. I slowly headed upstairs leaving my family below.




First chapter what do you guys think?

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