My Life's

I'm not too sure where this story is going, but I'm just going to carry on with it and see where I leads me :)
It's about a girl called Darcy, who is a gypsy. And that's about all I have decided so far... Read it if you want to find out more :)


1. Prologue

People seem very stereotypical of gypsies. They think we’re all tough old people with tattoos or spoilt teenage brats who want extravagant weddings. Well, some gypsy groups might be like that, but mine certainly isn’t.


We have the screaming little babies; barefoot, runny nosed toddlers, insolent kids, off the rail young adults, bossy adults and the tattooed old people. But we also have the teenagers who just want to have fun.

 The adults try to tell us to get a little job if we’re near a town, but most of the time we just do what we want. Which isn’t anything special. If we are staying near a town, we usually go there and muck about, because we don’t go to school. There's an old lady in the orange trailer who tutors us to an extent, but we don’t go to school officially. We meant to, but our group travels too much. The government thinks we are properly schooled by Madame Debaroni, but we are only taught until we decide not to go anymore.

But if we’re staying in the country, we build tree houses and campfires and spend the night in the woods. Sometimes we invite locals to come out with us, and then we impress them with our gypsy life style. But most of that is an act. Because living in a gypsy group actually kinda sucks.

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