Woman In Black

This is a piece of writing I had to do for an English assessment, so I thought I'd upload it to Movellas and see what everyone thought of it. My task was to watch a short clip from the film and write my own version of it. I've never really written horror so if its rubbish that's the reason why


1. Author's note

Ok this is about a short part of the Woman In Black film. I will do it in lots of chapters so they will be short. I was only supposed to write 600/700 words. This is about 1100 words long. The dream part is copletely made up by me. I haven't read the books, I just know he falls asleep. I've written what I imagine he might dream about, and then added influence from the Woman In Black.

At the start of the 'story' (so you  know what part), Arthur Kipps has gone back to the manor (for the second time). He is going through paperwork and reads about the deaths of Jennet Humphrye (the woman in black) and Nathaniel Drablow (her son who was adopted by her sister Alice). He falls asleep at his desk...


(story in POV of Arthur  Kipps)


PS: If you haven't watched the woman in black, treat this like another ghost story. a short one that isn't very good. The Woman in Black is the ghost. Arthour Kipps is the main character


PPS: Did anyone else keep seeing the woman in black everywhere after watching the film or is it just me and my over-reactive imagination?

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