Family Feud

my name is Lexi, my mum had a best friend called Karen Payne, until one day one girl changed that, I was 11, from then on they never talked again, she had a son, I never met him, I remember Karen, I used to love her, Karen used to me, she kept telling me when I met her son she wanted us to like each other coz we were 'perfect', after this argument, my mum told us we had to move from where we were, we moved to the other side of Wolverhampton, 6 years later and I love a boyband, One Direction, my mum hated them, I have no idea why, an old friend where we used to live asks me to babysit, when she invites her cousin to come round things start to change, will Karen and my mum ever make up? will I ever meet Karen's son? if I do will I fall in love? or will we be forbidden because of the family feud? ps there will be a little swearing, but not much :)


1. Arguement

Lexi's point of view

I woke up to the sound of banging on the door, I groaned, I shrugged it off and lay my head back down, BANG BANG BANG again, what the heck, I yawned and stretched before dragging myself out of bed, BANG BANG BANG again,

"Im coming" my mum yelled, I hid on the landing, where she couldn't see me but I could still see and hear what was going on

she opened the door, I peered to see who it was, Karen, I hope she's ok, Karen was like a second mum to me

"what's up Karen" my mum asked,

"you" Karen yelled,

"me" my mum questioned,

"is it true you slept with my sisters boyfriend" Karen yelled, what,

"excuse me" my mum replied, "I don't know who the heck has told you this but you got the wrong girl" my mum added,

"I don't think so, Zoe has told me everything, how she caught you in bed when she returned from work early" Karen yelled,

"do you honestly think I would do that to you, we've known each other since we we're kids, I couldn't do that to you" my mum said calmly

"no, but that's not what my sister has said" Karen replied,

they then started to yell and scream until finally I had enough,

"Stop" I yelled, they both looked at me in shock,

"stay out of this" my mum snapped,

"no, since that you both woke me up and now you two are fighting, my mum and my second mum, fighting" I sighed,

"sorry love" Karen said to me as I walked down the stairs,

"please if you admit it we'll drop it and we can be friends again" Karen said softly,

"I would, if I did it, but I didn't" my mum sighed,

"well my sister said, and I believe her" Karen said, her voice was turning a little more angry,

"I cant believe you believe her over me, yes she's your sister, but think of all the pain she caused you before, leaving your son on his own and he nearly got kidnapped" my mum softened,

"so I believe her this time" Karen said coldly,

"I have no words" my mum said

"in that case maybe we shouldn't talk for a while" Karen replied

"or maybe we shouldn't be friends at all since you actually think i'd do it" my mum huffed, tears formed in her eyes,

"noooo" I yelled, tears now falling from my eyes

"Lexi go to your room, your forbidden from seeing Karen" my mum sighed,

"nooooo" I yelled again,

"you cant do that, she needs to meet my son, they were looking forward to meeting next week" Karen said shocked,

"well you should believe me" my mum said, "Lexi go back to your room" my mum ordered,

"nooo" I yelled for the third time,

"now" my mum yelled at me, I was shocked, so was Karen,

"i'd like you to leave" was the last thing I heard my mum say to Karen before I ran in my room and sobbed,

that's all coz of Karen's sister, why the heck did she lie, I know my mum didn't do it, I never did like Karen's sister though, I still cant believe I cant meet her son, Liam, we were planning on meeting for the first time next Thursday, we probably met when we were babies but we don't remember, when we turned 3 my mum had twins, yes I have 2 little sister, and well I had to help my mum so I never got to see Liam again.

Karen always came round, but because of Liam being a boy, she never brought Liam, we were planning to finally meet because Karen thought we could be best friends, and well she thought we looked like a cute couple, I never was shown a picture of him, except our only photo together, when we were laid side by side in a cot, but now, I guess I'll never meet him, which was sad really, I really wanted to meet him.

hope you like the start, all the boys will be included its just for the first few chapters though, hope you like it feel free to tell me what you think :)

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